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Update. I'm still alive.

Since my last post a lot have things have happened to me in my life and I thought I'd update y'all with my current projects/whereabouts.

First off, I finished my gun.

It wasn't too long after I posted my last update actually but I forgot to post the results on here and just went straight to Twitter. Sorry blog. See below for results.

I was pretty pleased with how this came out. I feel like I've pretty much cracked the High>Low workflow down in Max now. The biggest problem as I can recall with this model what what I encountered with the Grenade I made prior to this. I'm talking about the normal map baking. As the normals are projected onto themselves in Painter you can have a few problems with overlapping. So purely for the baking of the normals (no other maps) I separated all the parts (as shown below) and done it like that.

And if we can just have a moment of silence for all the texels that were lost in this UVing.

After generating the normals. I switched back to the proper model and baked the worldspace, AO and all the other fun stuff.

So this is the part of the blog post where I refer back to the notes I made 4 months ago when making this asset which ambiguously say things like; "mention rough maybe forget" and "opacity little bitch". I'd love to elaborate on these but I think my poor memory is doing both myself and the reader a favour here when I say I'm just going to cut the chat short and get straight to the renders.

For the second point to address. Shortly after I completed the paintball gun in November, out of the blue I was suddenly bombarded with a bunch of interviews and art challenges. This then lead me to starting a new job (hooray) working for an undisclosed company in an undisclosed location doing undisclosed things. It's not realtime based and that's all I'm going to say.

As timing would have it, the day after I got the news about my job, I got on a plane to the States and sat around in the sun and got drunk for a month.

Here are some photos from when I was sober.

Credit to some of these amazing graffiti artists at HOPE Gallery, Austin, TX.

So what am I working on now? Well since my new job is more photoreal rendering based, you're probably going to start seeing more posts swing that way. This does't mean I'm going to stop with the realtime work. Programs like the UE and the Substance suite still have a big part to play with the photoreal work flow. It'd also be a real shame to let go of recent skills I've picked up with Marvellous Designer and high to low work flows.

Speaking of which. I started a little ZBrush project not long ago which I'd love to crack on with and finish. Current progress as below.

It's a sort of sofa-mimic. I've already modelled the subtools for the teeth that just need to be duplicated and put in place. Going to try and get a nice slimy saliva running down the tongue and across the teeth and such - should look quite cool. This was originally going to be a sort of cloth material but as I got sculpting I really took to that sort of old knackered leather look. Which, I mean looks pretty cool, but in terms of colours I'm not too sure what I can picture the end result looking like now. I've got some nice details planned like the tongue stapled together where it's been split and bits of wooden frame poking out the material.

I'm also planning to start modelling a car. I'm not going all out with the interior or anything but I'd quite like to experiment with HDR LightStudio again along with building a some nice materials in VRay.

Along with that I really want to start sketching a lot more and using more mediums to create art with, like pastels and acrylic. So keep an eye out for that.

That's all for today, peace.

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