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Flow Fuse Snowboard Bindings

Modelled in Lightwave3D - Rendered in Octane


What was originally going to be a simple Ski Mask scene rapidly escalated into something more complex. I got interested in the molded shapes this kit had to offer. Since being a snowboarder myself, I thought I would combine two of my favourite hobbies and go for this challenge instead - I never made the Ski Mask.

From the start I knew with all the pieces of molded plastic that this was going to be a very meshy object if I wanted to use NURBS. I did my best to optimise it using bumps and normals on parts of the foam and badges, which probably also saved some pain with the modelling too. 


I ran into some problems with the bump maps acting up with the smoothing a few times, but as I'm getting to know Octane more and more I'm starting to really enjoy working with it. 

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